The Life of Landon Hamel

Created by Landon Hamel.


These are a few pictures of my big, awesome family!!!


These are pictures of my two little Yorkies, Dax and Allie.


Here is a nice picture of me as a baby!



Here is me going through toddler stage... and occasionally Colton as well!


Here is a picture of me from all the way in elementary!

Junior High: 

These are the dreadful pictures from junior high!!!

High School:

This is me in High School!

Favorite Memory:

My favorite memory was going to JSB with Makayla!  I had lots of fun at JSB, not to mention that I had the best date around!!! 

My Video:

This is THE BEST STUCO President speech, edited by Johnathan Youell.


Family Reunion INFO

We are having a Hamel family reunion!  If you are able to attend and are interested in extra info, click the bolded link above! See ya there!