A strong core of academic subjects and electives is continued in the 7th and 8th grades. We have found that Jr. High is a time when students experience many changes. Having teachers who understand their needs and give them consistent reinforcement is very important to us at Destiny.

The junior high curriculum includes English, Pre­-Algebra, Earth & Life Science, World & US History, Old Testament and New Testament overview, a Fine Arts and Foreign Language elective choice and P.E./Sports/Study Hall.


The High School program at Destiny is challenging and thorough. It is designed to prepare students for college and for life. Our high school program exceeds state requirements in every area. Academic excellence in a Christian environment is the hallmark of the High School curriculum.

Graduation Requirements:

English 4 credits
Social Studies 3 credits
Science 3 credits
Mathematics 3 credits
Bible 4 credits
Foreign Language 2 credits
Computer Applications 1 credit
Fine Arts 2 credits
Electives courses to total 28 credits for graduation



Each year includes a review of grammar and punctuation. Writing assignments will include creative writing and the preparation of a research paper. Emphasis will also be given to vocabulary to help prepare students for college entrance tests.

A vital part of the English curriculum is the intensive study of great literary writings. This covers the study of various types of literature – short story, poetry, drama, and novels. They will survey American, British and World Literature.


Mathematics is the study of numbers and shapes. Through its study, the student cultivates problem-solving skills, analytical thinking and attention to details. Mathematics helps the student improve his reasoning skills and shows the importance of consistency in work habits.

·      Algebra I – This course is an introduction to the basic operations of algebra, which are computations with unknown quantities.

·      Geometry – This course introduces the student to the properties of shapes and figures and teaches them to visualize spatial relationships.  They will learn a system of Geometry based on the use of postulates, definitions, and theorems.  There is an emphasis on formal proof.

·      Algebra II – The level of difficulty is raised in this course to be equal to the operations and computations occurring in today’s business world.  This course also introduces the college-bound student to analytic geometry, pre-calculus functions and trigonometry.

·      Advanced Math – Courses in higher math are offered in the areas of College Algebra and Trigonometry. These courses are college preparatory and are designed to give students the opportunity to have four full years of math instruction.

·      Accounting – Accounting is offered to students who desire to seek training in business principles or pursue a business degree.


This is the study of people, events, works and ideas that have formed and reformed civilization as we know it. This study will encompass our state, our nation and the world. We unashamedly teach respect for those in authority, obedience to law, and love for flag and country.

·      Government – American government examines Biblical truth related to the governing process.  The Christian basis of our government is highlighted along with foundational principles of the government and its working.  Comparative political and economic systems are considered and students are encouraged to prepare and participate in local, state and national government.

·      World Geography – World geography presents the foundations of geographic study and terminology and applies them to ten geographic regions throughout the world. Emphasis is placed on physical geography, cultural geography, and life today in the various regions.

·      World History – World history views God’s workings in major societies from earliest civilizations to modern times. Various cultures and time periods are viewed in light of Biblical truth and in comparison to one another.  Trends in government are emphasized in the ongoing struggle between tyranny and liberty.

·      U.S. History – U.S. history highlights the Christian foundation of our country and traces the development of the nation from its beginnings through modern times.  Religious, political, economic and social conditions are emphasized through the various time periods.

·      Economics – Economics offers the students an opportunity to examine and apply Biblical principles related to personal, business and governmental financial issues.  Students will learn about the U.S. free enterprise system and explore their roles as citizens, producers and consumers while studying fundamental economic principles.

·      Truth Project – This course gives students an opportunity to view history and the world from a distinctly Christian worldview.


The study of science includes organic and inorganic matter, how they are put together and how they function.

·      Biology – This course is designed to provide a general survey of the various branches of biology: botany, zoology, human anatomy and physiology, genetics, cell biology, and ecology

·      Anatomy – This course provides the student with an overview of the systems of the human body, including the skeletal system, muscular system, cardio-vascular system, respiratory system, digestive system, reproductive system, nervous system, and others. 

·      Chemistry – Is a basic study in the composition, structure and reactions of matter.  Topics included are the nature of atoms and molecules, the periodic table and its functions.

·      Physics – This is a college preparatory course.  It presents the student with the basic concepts of physics in the areas of motion and dynamics, energy, waves, light, and electricity.  It promotes problem solving techniques and procedures.

Foreign Language:

A foreign language elective is provided for high school students each year.  Foreign language is offered as a college preparatory course. Course selections may include Spanish.

Computer Technology: 

Students are taught technology skills necessary to function in a high-tech world.  In the High School, all students will take Computer Technology. This course will provide a working knowledge in all areas of software applications.  Additional electives in business and computer technology may be alternated from year to year.

Personal Finance:

Learning the ideas, concepts, knowledge, and skills of Personal Finance will enable students to implement personal financial decision-making skills; to become wise, successful, and knowledgeable consumers, savers, investors, users of credit, money managers, and to be participating members of the workforce and today’s culture.

Fine Arts: 

Our goal is to develop the talents, ideas, skills and creativity of each student and to enrich their lives. The students may have the opportunity to participate in band, music, drama, art, and yearbook, are available.


Bible courses at the high school level are designed to help the student “own” the word of God, to help him develop his own relationship with God, and to help him learn how to apply the Word of God in his daily life and decisions.  Scripture memory is taken from the New King James version of the Bible.  Each Bible lesson also incorporates a time of devotion. A comprehensive curriculum by Legacy Institute is used in grades K-12 to foster relationships with integrity. Devotions include praises, prayer and Bible reading and/or memory work.

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***DCS does not use Common Core standards as a part of their curriculum.